Performance Builder Series with Steve Vesely

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All (Focus on Sales and Leadership)

Join Ducted Systems Business Success Coach Steve Vesely for a complimentary series of one-hour interactive online sessions related to sales in HVAC. These sessions are offered at 9 am and 3 pm CST on the dates provided.

The Psychology Behind the Sale
If you’ve ever wanted to know how your customers think and feel about the sales process and sales professionals, join us as we present insight from some of the sales industry’s leading teachers. Come away with a more mindful and professional understanding of your customer.

Identifying Your Leadership Style
If you are in sales, then you are a leader. A leader of discussions and a leader of processes with defined goals. How do you do it? How do you gather resources to achieve success? This session takes a brief look at the 10 most common leadership styles used in businesses and organizations. Which one are you?

Dynamic Sales Prospecting
Discover a wide variety of prospecting systems for large or small territories. Learn to use technology, social media and proven “grass roots” methods.  Begin building your own personalized prospecting tool kit to make every sales effort as efficient as possible.

Effective Recruiting and Interviewing

Has it been a long time since you have made your last hire? Maybe you have never before had to source quality candidates, conduct interviews, and make the critical hiring decision. This has a vital impact on your business; you cannot afford to make a wrong hire. This session covers a proven process and real tools to implement before the next crucial staff addition.


Steve Vesely



Virtual Instructor-Led


10:00 am - 12:00 pm CST


The Psychology Behind the Sale

  • September 29, 2020

  • October 7, 2020

  • October 27, 2020

  • November 10, 2020

  • November 20, 2020

Identifying Your Leadership Style

  • October 6, 2020

  • October 19, 2020

  • November 3, 2020

  • November 18, 2020

Dynamic Sales Prospecting

  • September 28, 2020

  • October 14, 2020

  • October 30, 2020

  • November 9, 2020

  • November 24, 2020


Effective Recruiting and Interviewing

  • October 5, 2020

  • October 20, 2020

  • November 2, 2020

  • November 19, 2020


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