SPIN Selling Conversations


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Recommended Audience:

Sales, Leadership, Professional Development (Intended for All Salespeople)

SPIN® Selling Conversations is an intense, immersive, and engaging program that incorporates real-world sales conversations. The program trains sales professionals to lead compelling conversations with decision makers that inspire confidence and lead to quicker decision making.

SPIN® Selling Conversations is a research-based, advanced questioning skills program that combines SPIN® Selling’s proven methodology with today’s best practices in B2B selling. The interactive classroom program integrates in-depth exercises specific to Unitary Products, drills, and activities, giving participants opportunities to acquire and practice new skills. Online modules and assessments help sharpen and elevate sales aptitude beyond the classroom experience.
SPIN® Selling Conversations may be the right solution if your sales organization is trying to:

  • Overcome sales cycles that are too long and opportunities that languish in the funnel

  • Gain the ability to conduct insightful conversations with customers to explore “unrecognized” needs and accelerate sales cycles

  • Develop the skills to overcome customer indifference

  • Ignite a sense of urgency, so customers see the need to change or take action

With SPIN® Selling Conversations, organizations will conduct more effective sales calls, obtain better outcomes, and successfully build trustworthy relationships with customers by:

  • Aligning offerings to customer needs to increase acceptance

  • Improving the quality and quantity of customer commitments

  • Providing insights that help customers think differently about their challenges and needs

  • Creating competitive differentiation

  • Engaging in sophisticated conversations and uncovering hidden information


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