Tech Foundry: Residential Installer I

Recommended Audience:

Installation Personnel, Personnel with Installer Potential

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there will be 115,000 new jobs in HVAC by the year 2022. Within the next ten years, 50% of the existing HVAC technicians will retire or otherwise leave the industry. Where do qualified technicians come from? How is your business coping with the persistent shortage of trained industry employees? What does it cost your business if untrained personnel represent your company?


Technical colleges with HVAC programs are excellent resources for the recruitment of individuals with the core knowledge needed to succeed. However, many individuals do not have the time to commit to a full-time local program. Perhaps the current new hire from another industry has great potential, but a pathway is needed to ensure their success. 


Enter Tech Foundry.


Tech Foundry represents a modern means to develop and grow HVAC technician talent with the guidance of a leading HVAC manufacturer, Johnson Controls Ducted Systems. When enrolled in Tech Foundry, your potential-high performing installation and service personnel are on their way to becoming their best.

Each Tech Foundry course is mentored by experienced industry professionals. The initial sessions are conducted in an online environment, with full mentor support and peer interaction, followed by immersion in a supportive, hands-on environment at the state-of-the-art Ducted Systems Academy Center of Excellence in Oklahoma City, OK.


Planned Tech Foundry courses:


  • Residential Installer I

  • Residential Installer II

  • Residential Technician I

  • Residential Technician II

Here are the details:

One Two-Hour Live Session Per Week for 10 Weeks, Virtual Instructor-Led

Read, experminent locally, and disuss with peers and Ducted Systems instructors online. Meet face-to-face online with Ducted Systems Academy instructors and peers. These sessions utilize a unique combination of renowned reference materials, local labs, and engaging activities.


Pre-Course Session: Welcome, Course Overview, What to Expect

Week 1: Intro to Air Conditioning | Temperature and Heat

Week 2: Gases and Refrigerants | Pressure and Vacuum

Week 3: Basic AC Systems | Components

Week 4: Tools and Supplies | Service Van Inventory

Week 5: Working with Tubing and Piping | Installation, Recovery

Week 6: Air Distribution | Duct Systems

Week 7: Residential AC Systems | Electrical

Week 8: Working with Refrigerants | Charging

Week: 9: System Startup

Week 10: Customer Service

Participants receive access to an exclusive online Tech Foundry resource for field assignments submission, peer collaboration, and more.

Following the online sessions, skills are practiced hands-on at Ducted Systems Academy in Oklahoma City.

Registrations are limited to maximize hands-on opportunities. Tech Foundry: Installer I course tuition is $3995 and includes 10 weeks of two-hour factory instructor-led sessions, lodging during the Skills Week sessions in Oklahoma City, transportation between the hotel and training center daily, breakfast at the hotel, lunches, lab materials, and lab PPE.


Programs exist to help offset tuition costs where applicable. Dealers: All live courses are eligible for Academy Match Dollars up to program limits (Liberties Plus, CCC, Select, Elite, and Premier dealers).


Mark Petty


Virtual Online + Immersion in Oklahoma City, OK


10 Weeks Online (Two Hours/Week Virtual) + 3 Days Immersion in OKC


Next Cohort Starting Soon - TBD