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SPIN Selling 2.0 - By Request Only


Featuring Miller Heiman Group

Recommended Audience:

Sales/Sales Management (Intended for Distributor Territory Managers, RAMs, and Channel Account Managers)

SPIN® Selling 2.0, the recognized sales system for obtaining better outcomes from every sales interaction and raising the performance level of sales teams, is a practical, hands-on program developed from Miller Heiman’s groundbreaking research into effective selling.

Based on today’s best-practices models for B2B selling, SPIN® 2.0 is an intensive selling skills program that incorporates a proven, real world sales methodology to help companies develop profitable relationships with customers in difficult markets. The program’s innovative design is successful because it sharpens and elevates sales aptitude while at the same time providing the tools necessary for ongoing reinforcement. 

Skills and behaviors learned in the SPIN® 2.0 workshop range from effective call planning and influencing customer needs to delivering high-impact solutions - all of which increase the overall effectiveness and success of either your own sales or those of your salespeople. The interactive classroom program integrates in-depth exercises specific to Ducted Systems, drills, and activities, giving participants opportunities to acquire and practice new skills. 

SPIN® 2.0 is for all sales professionals and leadership (C-suite executives, vice presidents, managers, directors) and those in L&D and organizational development who want to: 

  • Shorten their sales cycles, strengthen customer relationships and improve their sales effectiveness 

  • Learn how to uncover the needs of their clients meet them 

  • Find ways to differentiate their offerings from the competition, even in a commodity environment 

  • Sell to senior executives, buying committees, and end users – often at the same time and in the same account 

  • Present their offerings with high impact, avoiding “feature dumps” and discounting 

  • Make credible sales calls at senior executive levels 

  • Improve the accuracy of their pipelines



In Person


2 Days


By Request Only



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